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Top tips to successfully manage your stand at your next exhibition.

Top tips to successfully manage your stand at your next exhibition.

At EXCITE Exhibition & Display we know that promoting your brand at an exhibition or trade show isn’t easy and can be hard work, yet it is still one of the most favored and successful methods of communicating your brand.

Regardless of the type of show you are attending, whether a large professionally organised event, a national exhibition or even an informal show at a small local venue – as the face of your company, you will need to remain bright, alert, welcoming and engaging for the duration of the show!

Assuming all planning and preparation has been taken care of, here are a few bits of advice to make sure your exhibiting time is rewarding, productive and hopefully even profitable!

Don’t go it alone…

It is a full-time job running an exhibition stand, and your stand/stall should never be left unattended!

Plan in advance of the show to make sure a colleague or business partner is there is a clear changeover during break and lunchtimes.  Along with having someone to help deal with multiple visitors to the stand, this also assures that the stand is always supervised meaning you are not risking any chance of missing visitor interaction or profit.

Allow time to explore….

I know this may seem obvious, but make sure you get there with plenty of time to set up your stand and explore the venue without feeling rushed or panicked as this will impact on the success you have at your event. For example the NEC in Birmingham is 186 000 square metres in size so on arrival, also be sure to check out where the toilets are, your stand location, and where you can find refreshments. Try to be-friend the organisers while you sign in – this will help you out if you need any supplies or help regarding your stall.

Dress appropriately

Exhibition spaces can often get very warm, very quickly, so be sure to wear clothing that you will be comfortable yet look smart in throughout the long day. If you are exhibiting outside, be sure to wear warm and even waterproof clothing.   Time and time again we see a creative and exciting product stand being let down by under dressed staff and ‘scruffy’ promoters – so be sure to dress how you want your brand to be perceived.

 Make friends with your neighbours

Obviously, your neighbours are going to be as busy as you are throughout the day, but before the venue is open to the public, take the time to introduce yourself. If they are a non-competitor, they may just recommend your stand to visitors looking for a specific product, and vice versa.  Exhibition neighbours can be handy when you need a spare power cable or adhesive tape, so be considerate and friendly!

Keep your stand neat and tidy

First impressions count.  Whilst your stand will predominantly display your services and products; your values will be communicated through the overall look and feel of your exhibition space.  Some handy tips for good stand etiquette include:

  • No junk or clutter! Remove all used cups, papers or half-eaten snacks from customer view. Bored staff can also make an area look untidy, so whilst your stand isn’t busy – why not send staff to explore the venue or try to engage with visitors through leaflet and direct communication
  • Make it clear! Eye-friendly and welcoming displays will entice the most interest. Also, make sure your message and brand are clearly labelled – never let visitors guess what your business is about!

At EXCITE Exhibition and Display, we believe that incredible stands promote incredible business.  We take great pride in being one of the leading suppliers of bespoke and creative exhibition stands.  For more information please feel free to contact our friendly and creative team on 02892673030 to help make your brand stand out from the crowd!

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Stress Free Exhibition Tips

Top Tips for a Stress Free Exhibition

At EXCITE Exhibition and Display we know there is a great sense of satisfaction when you successfully showcase your brand, services or latest product innovations at an exhibition or that prestigious industry event.  We also know that carrying out a successful exhibition is very rewarding and delivers significant business benefits, but we also understand it can also bring with it a certain amount of stress and worry.

We’ve put together a few tops tips for a ‘Stress Free Exhibition’ to ensure you turn up at your next event stress free and ready to engage with potential customers.

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