Top Tips to reduce stress when planning your next exhibition.

At EXCITE Exhibition and Display we know there is something exciting and enthralling when displaying your brand, services or latest product innovations for the entire world to see when exhibiting at a trade show or that prestigious industry event.  We know that carrying out a successful exhibition is very rewarding and delivers significant business benefits, but we also understand it can also bring with it a certain amount of stress and worry.

Before we can offer some advice on how to combat stress when organising your next event it is important to first understand work related stress.

Understand work related stress

In the last year a huge 43% of all working days lost due to ill health was a result of stress in the UK.

If you’ve ever felt burnt out from the pressures of your job, you’re not the only one.  More than 440,000 people in the UK reported work-related stress at a level they believed was making them ill according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).   As well as having the potential to negatively impact your company’s bottom line more importantly stress can this lead to a range of health issues.

The risks involved with work-related stress are clear so we have put together five tips that we know from experience will help you keep calm and stress free when planning your next big exhibition.

  1. Create a plan…

Whether it’s a Gantt Chart, Spreadsheet, Whiteboard or Old fashioned pen & paper, creating a detailed plan will help you stay on top of things.  One of the most effective ways to keep the nerves at bay prior to an exhibition is to develop a clear and concise action plan.  Reducing the huge workload into smaller, controllable, ‘bite size’ chunks will make everything much more manageable and eliminates the feeling of facing an insurmountable challenge with no light at the end of a tunnel. If you’re like us an added bonus, is you’ll also get a great sense of satisfaction each time you tick a completed task off the list.

From our experience we know that when creating this action plan, it’s vital that you set key project milestones (i.e. Stand designed, Venue booked, Invites sent, hotels booked etc) and realistic completion dates for the tasks to ensure you’re not leaving everything until the last minute.  For extra piece of mind and even less stress, you could also consider incorporating a plan B and even C into your master plan.

  1. Use dependable exhibition staff…

While a superb exhibition stand from EXCITE Exhibition & Display will help you attract potential customers at the event, reliable and experienced exhibition staff are critical for success.

The people manning the stand need to ensure they capitalise on all opportunities and convert any interest into sales.  From experience we know that whilst technical aptitude is important it does not automatically make for good event staff.  In fact, in an exhibition environment, a friendly smile, engaging personality and an ability to hold a smooth conversation are all qualities  that are equally important – if not more so – as technical aptitude.

If you plan to hire externally for the event, use the services of a company you’ve happily worked with before or have been highly recommended.  If using your own staff make sure that are aware of the importance of the softer skills required (smiling, good conversation skills, engaging personality etc) as well as strong technical knowledge.

  1. Look after your body…

Long hours on the stand, excess travel, late nights and early mornings, caffeine overload, hotel food, free giveaways plus what seems like an endless supply of mints and sweets can really take their toll on your body at an exhibition.  First impressions are vital at an exhibition so you and your staff need to look and act as professional as your brand requires.

A great tip to stay on top of the game in the lead up to your event is to get enough sleep.  If you are feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done before the event, you might be tempted to sacrifice some sleep to get more work done. Resist the temptation and go home and try to get some quality sleep.

At the exhibition make sure your are staying hydrated, go easy on the ‘free’ treats, try to avoid fatty foods and when attending the many exhibition related ‘black tie’ events go ‘easy on’ the booze.  If you feel good on the inside you’ll look good on the outside.

  1. Know the Exhibition logistics

Understanding and appreciating the logistical elements of the exhibition will go a long way to ensuring a stress free experience.

It is essential that before the exhibition begins you understand the logistics of the event, venue and of course your exhibition stand.  This will require some ‘back and forth’ communication with show organisers and your exhibition company, however the extra information gathered and relationships built are priceless for the peace of mind that comes with going into the event prepared and calm.

Some practical questions you might need answered are…What venue lighting is near your exhibition space? What is the access to power outlets? What local amenities are available? When will stand be built etc….?

It’s our job at EXCITE Exhibition and Display to ensure you turn up at your great looking stand stress free and ready to engage with potential customers.

  1. Understand your technology  

With technology always evolving along with customers always wanting to incorporate the latest trends it’s more important than ever to avoid any embarrassing surprises by ensuring there is a good grasp of the technology used at the exhibition.   With the latest buzzwords such as ‘touch screen, interactive, live data capture, selfies, etc being the norm, incorporating technology into your exhibition stand is a superb way to stand out from the crowd and attract prospects.  Whilst it is importance to embrace technology it is even more important that you and your exhibition staff have a good understanding of how it works, why it’s being used, its potential and its limitations.   Being knowledgeable on all areas of the tech used will allow you too maximise your resources, reduce the risk of error and reassures attendees that your company is modern and innovative.

We hope incorporating the above tips will help you have a stress free exhibition.  However the most important piece of advice we can give for even greater peace of mind, is to always use an Exhibition company who you can trust and has the experience and aptitude to exceed your expectations.

Get in touch with EXCITE Exhibition and Display to find out how our bespoke exhibition stand can help you maximise exposure while providing you with the ultimate peace of mind for you next event.